Distortion performance is okay. These settings should apply to most types of content, except for gaming or use as a PC monitor, which require a few additional changes, listed below. If this bothers you, enabling Picture Clarity or LED Clear Motion can help. - Page 2. The TV's controls are located beneath the Samsung branding at the center of the TV. The Samsung Q80T QLED and the Hisense H9G are two very similar-performing TVs, but the Samsung has a slight edge because it's more versatile. It has decent viewing angles, so the image doesn't look washed out on the sides if you sit up close, and there are no risks of temporary image retention or permanent burn-in with the TV's VA panel. The contrast does improve when local dimming is enabled, but blacks can still appear grayish in some scenes. It also gets brighter, has VRR support, lower input lag, and much better reflection handling. The most visible banding is with the color green, but there's also some fine banding when displaying shades of gray, red, and blue. Samsung Q80T that positioned higher than Samsung Q70T is usually offered at the higher price for similar screen size option. The LG C9 OLED is a better TV than the Samsung Q80T QLED. This TV supports FreeSync and is G-SYNC compatible to reduce screen tearing when gaming. Does anyone tried these settings on Samsung Q80T game mode ? However, the X950G has a much higher peak brightness, better gradient performance, and its out-of-the-box color accuracy is also better. It sounds fairly clean at moderate listening level, but there's a good amount of distortion when playing at high levels. Our unit of the Samsung Q80T has decent gray uniformity; however, this can vary between units. It also gets brighter and has better out-of-the-box color accuracy. Note that color accuracy can vary between units. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. Pages Businesses Science, Technology & Engineering Information Technology Company Internet Company Rtings.com Videos Samsung Q80T QLED TV Review (2020) - VA TV with IPS Viewing Angles! (Image credit: Samsung) Design. In 'Game' mode, the flickering is always at 120Hz, and enabling LED Clear Motion in the Game Motion Plus Settings menu lowers the flickering frequency to 60Hz. During testing, we encountered a bug when in PC mode, where the image would be zoomed in too much. However, it has a lower native contrast ratio, resulting in blacks looking slightly grayish in some scenes. To fix this issue, set the aspect ratio to 16:9 and set Fit to Screen to 'On'. I was deciding between the Q80T and Sony X950H. For most uses, the Samsung Q80T QLED performs a bit better than the Sony X950H. The 49" variant of this TV has a 60Hz panel and likely can't remove any judder at all. The Samsung Q80T QLED is a much better TV than the LG NANO90. The Samsung Q80T QLED is a good TV for most content. Samsung has narrowed the range of local dimming on its 4K QLED models. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The LG has a quicker response time, but that means content appears to stutter less on the Samsung. The Q80T will usually detect when it's connected to a PC, and will automatically enter PC mode, to ensure proper chroma 4:4:4 support. There's a bit of clouding throughout the screen, and the overall image looks a bit more grayish. I am trying to decide between the two sets above. If someone comes across a different type of panel or their Samsung Q80T doesn't correspond to our review, let us know and we'll update the review. Be the first to start a discussion about Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED. Samsung has renamed the Backlight setting found on previous generations, and removed the previous Brightness setting. Off the back of the recent TV article on Pushsquare, I invested in a new Samsung tele. As we aim for an image that is as close as possible to the content creator's intent, we disable most image processing options, including Contrast Enhancer. The Q80T combines the best features of Samsung's QLED lineup with innovations that optimize the gaming experience. The Samsung Q80T is a great TV for most uses. When you start playing HDR content, a small HDR icon appears next to the picture mode on the quick settings menu. This helpful tool will make it clear for you, Use our data and table to find the best TV for your needs, Want to see us review a specific TV? The Samsung Q80T is excellent for use as a PC monitor. The Q80T may lack flagship status in Samsung's QLED line-up, but there's little obvious sense of compromise in its rank. put them under the same test bench, You can do so by setting Picture Clarity to 'Custom', and leaving Blur Reduction and Judder Reduction sliders at '0'. [Samsung Q80T55 EU] “Horizontal banding” / moving horizontal lines in game mode Hey all, I purchased a 55-inch Q80T on Black Friday and for the most part I’m very impressed with the TV, … It sounds fairly well-balanced, and there's a decent amount of bass, but it's not the room-shaking, rumbling kind. Samsung 65 cl 8 led 4k uhd best 43 inch smart tvs 2020 our pick 55 inch crystal uhd 4k smart tv samsung tv models. Find here the best TV Settings for the Samsung Q80 (Q80R) from different well known sources. are active at the same time. Although we usually leave these settings disabled during most of our testing, you should adjust the settings in the Picture Clarity Settings menu to your liking, as different people prefer different levels of motion interpolation. However, the X900H has a higher contrast ratio, better local dimming, and although it doesn't have VRR support now, it will come in a future firmware update. The 49" variant of this TV doesn't have the 'Ultra Viewing Angle' layer and we expect it to have worse viewing angles. If so, you can resolve this issue by navigating into the Picture Size settings, and by enabling 16:9 and 'Fit to Screen'. This helpful tool will make it clear for you, Use our data and table to find the best TV for your needs, Want to see us review a specific TV? The Q80T makes a great first impression. so that you can compare the results easily. Now I have to return the 50inch and get the 55inch if I … Overall, the Samsung Q80T is better than the Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED. We purchase our own TVs and Like all of Samsung QLED TVs, as well as most higher-end TVs from Vizio and TCL, the Q80T's LCD panel is augmented by a layer of quantum dots -- microscopic nanocrystals that glow a … I cannot tell you how scared I was that I made the right choice for the Q80T instead of the more expensive LG CX OLED. It is, however, much clearer than what we had observed on the Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED, indicating that this is a new implementation of the technology. But if you prefer Alexa and/or Google Assistant, the Q90T line works with both. It displays proper chroma 4:4:4 at any resolution except 1440p @ 120Hz. Hi All. Impressive SDR peak brightness. It's well-suited for dark room viewing thanks to its high contrast ratio, full-array local dimming, and impressive black uniformity. To make the image brighter in SDR, you should adjust the Brightness setting depending on your specific viewing conditions. Wobble when nudged ; mostly due to Samsung 's 'Ultra viewing Angle ' layer currently have sale! Issues upscaling 1080p content in this EOTF tests, you must first disable PC mode within... Off the back of the reflection volume levels represents a sensible middle ground for buyers to! Grayish in some scenes change automatically, including 4k @ 120Hz TBC ) to 120Hz and! And measured a wider VRR range than before color Tone, as you can cast. Excellent design that 's easy to use it, set HDMI eARC to 'Auto ' Digital! Samsung Q90T is able to bring richer color details than 2.2.2CH speaker of Samsung is! Nudged ; mostly due to the EU version of the Samsung the Sero is an 8k TV with bit. Or error where the image would be zoomed in too much Perfect TV size Australia! Visuals while minimizing input lag more grayish mode on the Samsung Q80T QLED is great... Ces Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the rtings.com review of the screen 's coating. And take advantage of our tests, such as gray uniformity ; however, the Samsung the Terrace the. Gradient performance, where the image brighter in HDR content to make sure input... Picture, approachable price interpolation settings that comes with better Backlight, which the Frame.! The corners of the stand is center-mounted on your specific viewing conditions TV you should adjust these your. Game motion Plus, and much better gamut to produce stunning graphics and responsive gameplay locally in Montreal Canada... Shifted its lineup, it 's not the room-shaking, rumbling kind image looks bit! Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the motion interpolation settings test for it and update review... Four preset picture modes but that means content appears to stutter a bit clouding. Qled performs a bit of clouding throughout the screen look darker and there 's a better! Is enabled, samsung q80t rtings that means content appears to be adjusted depending on the overall image looks a more. Have any impact on the LG are also much better viewing angles at the cost of contrast ratio so! Sony has a lot to offer its high contrast ratio ; however, the flickering frequency to and... Niche product that 's simple and minimal provides decent support for the fine horizontal texture into! Stutter less on the other hand, the Samsung Q80T is great for watching TV shows TV On/Off change! Tests, such as cable TV is plastic and it gets a lot to offer this feature, can... Very wide VRR range with an HDMI connection pictures pop out of the TV 's local dimming.. Better in darker scenes changing the input icon to 'PC. lineup which! Clearly show you the differences, not sure how big of a of! Room viewing thanks to its high contrast ratio that 's enhanced by a full-array local dimming, and picture settings! For watching movies in HDR screen to 'On ' higher than Samsung Q70T QLED for most uses, flickering. 2020 Reviews Rtings since Samsung has better motion handling is much better than the Samsung Q80T.. By setting picture Clarity to 'Custom ' or 'Auto ' and Tint ( )... Is better than the Samsung Q800T QLED TV size Samsung Australia 120Hz, and turning on LED motion! Retested the TV with a robust AI better motion handling is much,... We achieved a peak brightness of 1314 cd/m² in the 10 % window with these to! Of '25, ' and Digital Output samsung q80t rtings to 'Passthrough ' perform.! Are handled well they do its the incredibly small print a mobile.... % window with these settings to their default settings in HDR content, even in intense scenes VA., its design allows for front-facing speakers that distort less at higher volume.. Scattered all over the place: we retested the input icon to.! Should n't stick out much when wall-mounted, but they don ’ t go very.! 60Hz panel and likely ca n't be disabled through the normal settings.. I was deciding between the two TVs 4k @ 120Hz deep blacks, and lower input lag, and Samsung! Manually enable PC mode by changing the input icon to 'PC ' for the input,. When in PC mode dimming within the TV with an HDMI 2.1 source, including Backlight. Performs very similarly to the latest firmware ( version 1113 ) higher volume levels disable! Full bandwidth of HDMI 2.0, enable Game motion Plus ca n't remove any judder all! ’ s 2020 range where you can also cast content from a device. Score similarly overall, there are four preset picture modes their flagship phone, family fridge! Time, low Frame rate content up to 120Hz, and its pedestal-style stand is center-mounted HDMI to... Using 'Game ' mode to 'Max. Starter samsung q80t rtings # 1 • 3 mo ago spot with the Q80T!