I nearly made it the other week, but was put off by the thought of cracking the stones for the kernels, which I was taught always to put in it, so I’m glad it’s actually optional. We enjoyed a stay in the French countryside one summer & loved our understated breakfasts. I’m not usually a huge apricot fan, but the tartness of the that jam sounds really appealing – will definitely try it! I tried it, but was never sure that I hit the correct degree of “done-ness” because you only included your “frozen dish” test.). Miche is Edith’s aunt and she lives about five minutes away from us in Louviers. For many of us, spending the whole day in the kitchen canning is a realm in heaven. Europeans use them all the time in jam and even Trader Joe’s in the states sells bags of sweet apricot kernels, for eating. The jam is gorgeous too. I am wondering how that would work for preservation. You can find different techniques for this in the notes.To be on … How much have you reduced the sugar? For those wondering about skins. I’ve paid for carpenters in jam. When I moved in with a French roommate in college, she experienced a mild culture shock: “You eat salty things for breakfast? Slap on the lids and immediately turn over to cool upside down. I learned from my Mother in Law who makes a soft set jam, which is my favorite too. Would love to try to make this as it is so good! For about 3-4 jars: 1.5kg fresh apricots. Have mercy. Miche is categoric—she makes the jam in small batches, uses as little sugar as possible, and cooks fruit for as short a time as she can get away with. Reduce the heat so the mixture is boiling merrily and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Hi David! Learn how your comment data is processed. Well, more for me I say.. BTW, I know you said you don’t like mixing your fruit, but next time you make orange marmalade, try adding some small chunks of pineapple (perhaps 1:5 pineapple to orange ratio). As the mixture thickens and reduces, stir frequently to make sure the jam isn’t burning on the bottom. Or is a thin stainless stockpot ok? You are my new hero! Friends become even friendlier when jam is available. I make her Apricot Jam every year and it disappears so quickly. Dear Belle – Miche would be thrilled and so am I! Susan Loomis could rule the world. Beautiful decadent pictures, a gorgeous writing style. Thank you for the inspiration! The colors in this jam are stunning and I appreciate that you don’t overdo it on the sugar. Soup 1%. American breakfasts can definitely go way past decadent to crazy coranary destruction. Vera: I’ve never peeled an apricot. Happy jammin’! Like you, I prefer my jam on the tart side as well. The color is fantastic on that jam. I try to keep sugar out of my diet because my doctor told me that it impairs my immune system. Try again! I love it’s simplicity; it highlights the beautiful apricots in season. I have just brought apricots home from France to make jam so am going to give your recipe a go. If you’re referring to ‘freezer jam’ recipes, the ones I’ve seen are for low-sugar jams, which are meant to be eaten within a few weeks. Modern cooks are afraid to just do what Grandma did. I did it last year (same recipe minus kirsch and pit), but same other ratio- and it stood up very well and was very fresh tasting. Peel them, then break into 2 and add to the fruit. What you can do – well, not you, as your freezer is full of ice-cream, but “you” in a generic sense – is freeze the fruit and make jam from it periodically throughout the year, or buy frozen fruit (raspberries, especially) and make jam as and when. I am so in love with the pure flavor of apricots, and they’re so rare that I don’t add anything. My favourite commercial jam is Myrtilles Sauvages (wild blueberries or savage myrtles, as I prefer to call them! David: This recipe was lovely – thank you! I didn’t like apricot jam till I had a taste of my in laws own production : i realised that i didn’t like oversweet dull pale apricot jam, nuance :). I’m definitely going to have to try that! Oh, those days, I wish I could go back and enjoy them again! I love Apricot Jam! Looks just like my counter when I make jam – lots of different size and shaped jars, fun colored tops. I’ve never frozen it. Apricot jam is one of the best. You will be sent a confirmation email to which you must reply for the change to take effect. All I want is a piece of bread and some delicious coffee. Matthew – lucky you, a beekeeper. so as a kid, my brother’s job and i was to smash the apricots pits (and that’s quite a lot of them since several dozens are concentrated in a single jar) with a hammer, get the little almond-looking nut and my grandma would add that to the jam. Have just tasted a home made jam in France which I think is very similar to this recipe and it is awesome. Put the mixture in a pan and bring to the boil on a high heat. Although they may be more simplistic, they have more flavor and depth, which is what really matters. Posting about fresh apricots and homemade jam is dangerous in the eyes of a starving, dieting, can’t-drop-a-few pounds, old and haggered woman. A Provence Summer Preserve ~ French Set Apricot and Lavender … I think I was too excited to get to the jam : ). I would just like to mention the very sad fact that the liquor stores in the entire state of Pennsylvania are no longer carrying kirsch. Tarmac, TX, I love apricot jam. My old old apricot tree gave up the ghost last year. Delicious, thank you! Place all ingredients in a saucepan over high heat (no lid). I did end up putting the hot jam through a food mill because I like my jams smooth; woke up this morning to perfect, delicious French-tasting jam. Good luck. Juice of 1 lemon I just made a pile of apricot jam (and am getting ready to make some more from the last of the apricots). Huevos rancheros, bacon and eggs, sausage…mmmm. You might want to check out my write up: How to Select Summer Fruits. Spoon apricot mixture into a large saucepan; bring to a boil … This year when my apricot tree did it’s thing I had been having a romance with orange marmalade and still had a couple of oranges left in the box, so I chopped an orange or two up (no seeds but peel and all) and made an orange-marmalade combo that is….delicious. And this apricot jam would be great on them as well…. Thank you for giving us permission to have “runny jam”, so good on pancakes too:). What’s to learn, right? Tartines are the popular breakfast in France, a word which comes from the verb tartiner—”to spread.” So along with the basket of bread offered, there’ll be lots of butter and generally some sort of confiture (jam or jelly) in a pot alongside. Both ways, they give flavor. Thanks. Skimming is not enough. This sat overnight and omg, you won’t believe how wonderful this overnight infusing was! Rachel’s Cottage House. I have a slightly old French cookbook about breakfasts from around the world, which also includes a survey from 1975 of what French people ate for breakfast. And yes, the skins disappear and are important for the flavor, too. Still, at the price you’re getting them at, for around $10, if you can get 5 or 6 jars out of them, that’s still a decent deal! Reminds me of the summer I lived in Paris during college!! How do I Jam and Jelly? It’s very hard for me to find apricots, but I made a peach a cherry jam not too long ago. that I put together (in layers) in a big bowl for some hours, then I added some lemon cut in very thin slices when cooking it. Log Files As is true of most web sites, certain information is gathered automatically and stored in log files. This jam would certainly fit the bill. For one reason, my freezer is pretty crammed full of ice cream (!) You! Many thanks for any advice. Great to add to a Xmas hamper.Although I am an avid jam maker and love all fruits I am easily Is there anything prettier than a cupboard full of jars of homemade jam? Busy, busy, busy me. The result is delicious and surprising! I love how you reuse jars, just like my mother always did, and just like I do. It looks very pretty with the flecks of vanilla. It lasts a long time if you seal it in jars, freeze it, or refrigerate it! Ugh, you’ve just reminded me how completely gross we (Americans) can be with our excessive amounts of food consumed first thing in the morning. Because fruit doesn’t grow in standardized quantities (at least the fruit I want to eat) my general rule is to use three-quarters of the amount of sugar per one-part apricot puree. Don’t buy a ticket home just for ephemeral hash browns…you’re on the winning team over there. Sometimes I amazed when I go out to breakfast here (in Oklahoma) and I order something that sounds like it will be simple like a “granola sundae” and they bring out 3 plates of food just for me. : ) -dl. Americans who visit France are often surprised to wake up in the morning and find themselves with a few pieces of baguette or a single croissant for breakfast. Have you heard of this? Milk 50% Glad you like the pics! I’m really not sure. :). Belle. dear Kameela, Vanilla is a great idea. The information you provide allows us to send you periodic updates and other communications. For me it’s almost more exciting to make the actual jam (or confiture in your case) than to eat it, but my biggest joy is seeing my family waffle it down on toast in the morning knowing that what they are eating is exactly what they see – fresh fruit. So, you just have to try, and then you have to let me know. Thank you, Miche and Susan, for a winning recipe! I’m the same way about raspberry jam, by the way! I have always seen jam being made in my family but we never put it in the fridge (only when the jar has been opened). Pure apricot heaven. Cover the pot and cook, stirring frequently, until the apricots are tender and cooked through. Those are in contrast to our breakfasts, which can be groaning-board sized, featuring some (or all) of the following: Eggs, sausages, pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, cereal, toast, orange juice, and waffles. Good luck, and let me know what you end up doing. And no, you don’t have to peel them. the best is just before they are too ripe so they are slightly acidic. Happy jam making. I hadn’t ever considered it with apricots. Ps: Love your kitchen!! Dawn, I just made the second batch and it’s going fast. Just last night we made blueberry chutney with açai and garam masala. Karen – this is so funny! Good luck, hope you figured it out. Apricot jam is incredibly easy to make and the tartness provides a fruity tang which is a rather pleasant thing to wake up to in the morning. There are two main steps here. The perfect poached egg is not only work of art but a delicious satisfying meal https://onruetatin.com/poached-eggs/, Posted by On Rue Tatin on Sunday, October 22, 2017, Recipes, cooking tips and news about life in France from Susan Herrmann Loomis, This policy demonstrates my firm commitment to online privacy. I would love to try some other fruits. Yum! If I had room for the equipment, I’d probably take it on the ‘real’ way, although I know people do have success with the methods you’ve mentioned. A dusting of cinnamon is practically obligatory if you go this route. thank you. I love jams and canning. I have always been such a wimp about making jam because I always thought that I would have to go through the whole canning/sealing process to make a jam that would last longer than a couple of weeks. Just something small, “2. If you seal the jars, they will keep for…a very long time (years). what she added to apricot jam (similar recipe to yours, david) was the little almond-looking nut that is located inside the apricot pit. Hope it’s not a problem, but if it is, let me know! 1/4 cup (60ml) water. When I was last in Paris we ate breakfast at a place where all they served was an amazing variety of breads and on the table was a great spread of toppings that could be applied. Yes, huevos rancheros and Belgian waffles are delightful. But they must be well-sealed so oxygen doesn’t get in there. That apricot jam looks amazing!! Accordning to this survey, the percentage of French who usually have the following items, is as follows: Coffee 75% I have never made this with either dried, but I often use apricots I’ve frozen myself ,and they work fine. That further kills microbes. :D, Your apricot jam has a wonderfull color. Amber jam anyone? Diane, Oh dear! xoxo Kirsch is a wonderful addition. Cook for the quickest time possible to bring it to set – this retains a really fresh & intense flavour. I love apricot jam. Thanks for the great recipe! I immediately renounced my old recipe in favor of this one. If you wish, crack a few open and put a kernel in each jam jar you plan to fill. Some of them actually turned their noses up at it, much to my amazement and consternation, saying apricot was their least favorite jam! I absolutely LOVE apricots & apricot jams (as well as any cookies, pastries, etc.) So, so delicious this year. Plus it is far less work than any recipe I have found. 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice. 4. That said – and here’s a littel secret – I also put the pits in half the jars, because I like the almond-like flavor they give. but I live in Scotland so not many fresh apricots on the go, unfortunately. should i have used the puree to 3/4 c. sugar formula? Apricots were all over the place on my grandparent’s ranch when I was growing up. Hi Susan there’s nothing more delightful than fruity apricot jam in the middle of winter. Many thanks Susan, I will give it a shot! Goes great with duck. I loved the simplicity and hearty breakfast complete with a lovely cafe au lait to start the day. i tried the recipe above, but used peaches. The flavor of jam that gets French people most excited is homemade apricot jam. Jam, honey 22% Bring a small pan of water to the boil and blanch the kernels. French Apricot Jam Recipe - Easy 2 ingredient jam prepared in … First gather your canning supplies. I grew up eating breakfasts of scrambled eggs, bacon, or pancakes, etc., but as I got older I eat healthier….fruit for breakfast along with a good fiber packed non-sweetened cereal with fat free milk. My refrigerator is currently bulging with jam jars, and my only solution at this point is to start eating more jam….fast! Just made the jam today (minus the pit). Susie – I know Patricia’s jam must be fabulous; Miche (and I) love the pure flavor of the apricots, so sweet and just slightly tangy. Place the apricots and the sugar in a non-reactive pan or bowl, stir, cover and let macerate for at least 12 hours. Tea 7% Fill your clean sterilized jam jars with the apricot jam up to the rim, close well with the … I would say to make three small batches – it’s very little work. Yes, runny jam is “de rigeur” at least when homemade;the flavor is amazing. 1. water bath canner 2. canning jars 3. canning lids and rings 4. jar lifter and canning funnel 5. large pot 6. bowls 7. large spoons 8. sharp knife 9. towels and dish cloths 10. ladleIngredients 1. Beautiful. Apricots and sugar in nearly equal amounts and add a good squirt of lemon juice. And this will be the best addition to that plain piece of baguette that meets my tummy first thing in the AM. Hello! The apricot jam looks delicious. Thankfully, fresh apricots are plentiful and inexpensive in the summer. There is a Swiss brand that is pretty good and that will have to do since apricots are not plentiful or all that great where I live. She also refuses to put apricot pits in her jam—a typical French custom—for in her mind, anything that interferes with the pure, fresh apricot flavor is blasphemy. Or just cooking apricots down adding sugar to taste? Kirsch – what a great idea. Place the pan over a low to medium heat, and allow the sugar to dissolve slowly….as soon as the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up and bring the jam to a rolling boil and allow to boil for about 10 to 15 minutes, stirring it every now and then, until a set has been achieved. I had way too many from my Mom’s garden and so I thought I’d try, just for fun. About half an hour to an hour later, one can hear a big “pop” sound from the lid that tells it is secure. Shannan: If you wish to leave them out, you can. I stumbled onto this site after seeing our apricot tree loaded with fruit and while wondering what to do with it, looked up Apricot Jam. I tried 4 different recipes. So if the food doesn’t put you in hospital the beer might run you off the road drunkenly on your way to work. 1. Thank you for another winner, David. Apparently she got it in Northern France. I have made some jam too this week, a kind I had never done (or tasted for that matter): cherry tomato jam. 3 cups (600g) sugar. definitely one of my favourites.. Thank you David. . Right up until she left us she was talking about her amazing two-ingredient apricot jam, among other things, and the tricks she used to make it. Oh, and yes, the U.S. breakfasts here are great, as written, but rarely get cooked, put me in the bread/butter/jam group…oh, for the baguette of old…sigh. I would think that habits have changed a bit since then? I have 2 reasons for considering this: 1) I am a beekeeper so I have a lot of honey; 2) It would be good to avoid using ultra-refined sugar. Used some for rugelach and kolachy filling. 2kg apricots, halved & covered with 1kg sugar & 400ml lemon juice – leave covered overnight. I would freeze the jam in plastic containers until Christmas time, then unfreeze and transfer into glass jars. I’m re-running this blog post to remind all of you who have apricots on your trees or in your markets to make this; it’s the best ever. Thank for the reminder that I don’t need to hot water bath jams. That sort of breakfast sets me up with sky-high blood sugar levels, followed by deep low blood sugar reaction (and a roller coaster temperament to go with it), and hungry for the entire day. This information includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp and clickstream data. You have inspired me. You can see it here. Miriam – one of the secrets of this jam’s goodness is the small batch, because it doesn’t need to cook very long. this is my first post. Bonne Année d’Australie (en plein été!) I guess we don’t like our food to touch around here. In addition, honey burns easily, so you’d have to adjust temperatures and time. When friends are here for breakfast, I love getting an assortment of fresh breads and then just putting out a half a dozen types of jam for them to try – that’s all you need. After tasting it once after it cooled it tasted just like the jam, nothing bitter or unsavory here. Place the apricots and the sugar in a non-reactive pan or bowl, stir, cover and let macerate for at least 12 hours. She’s right, her apricot jam is out of this world. Holiday Gift Idea! Here is the first dessert recipe I’m posting from my grandma’s cookbook, and for sure you’ll find this one to be very delicious. Next week corn. Remove from the heat and ladle the jam into sterilized canning jars, leaving 1/4-inch headroom. I envy those who live in countries where there is a bounty of things like apricots, peaches, etc. Our last jar is open in the fridge, and I have my apron on, ready to make more. Meat, charcuterie 5% Got 20# of Blenheim apricots at the farmer’s market here in California this week and made the jam today. Thanks for great photos and enticing recipes. This afternoon I a batch of kernel-free conserve using your recipe. seduced by a fruity apricot. optional: 1 teaspoon kirsch. Once cool, refrigerate until ready to use. I imagine it would be fine, but because the fruit isn’t “confit” the way it is in most jams, that is very, very sweet and sugary, it may get watery after thawing. I do love simple breakfasts of bread, butter, and jam, but I also love the big breakfasts that leave you so satisfied that your tastebuds need nothing else for the rest of the day. Do I need to peel the apricots first? Hi David! Others just scoff and roll their eyes: who has that kind of time on their hands? I miss those “continental breakfasts!” :) Hope you don’t mind, but I linked to your blog today in a post. Thanks! I honestly don’t think you have to adapt the recipe for altitude. Should I come up w/ a bounty of fresh apricots, I’m all over this project! OTherwise, just jar it all now? Charlotte – you can freeze the jam – even in the proper canning glass jar, just be sure not to overfill. It is not the same in any way to anything I have ever eaten. Bring to the boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally with a long-handled wooden spoon*. She receives your emails too but may not have seen this one yet (she was processing plum tomatoes the last time I saw her). The trick I learned is first to hold the empty jar upside-down over the just finished jam so that steam covers it inside, then pour jam in, then at once put the lid on, tightening it well. They’re a little tough to find here in Ohio. Bread, croissants 69% She cooks it until it’s at the peak of clarity and color and before the sugar has started to caramelize; then stops. I think it works! I just wanted to let you know that this will be my third year using your fabulous recipe, with apricots from my tree. The recipe seems to have disappered from the blog post, but it’s on the site under the recipe tab…and I’ll get it back on the blog. It’s powerful stuff! So if you use more, or less, apricots, simply use for each cup of puree, by volume, three-quarters cup of sugar. apricot jam looks absolutely AWESOME :) 1/4 cup lemon juice Never let it be said that weird bureaucratic quirks are limited to Paris. Transfer the fruit and sugar to a large, heavy saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Apricot jam is my personal all-time favorite. At home in California, my usual breakfast is two “backyard” eggs lightly cooked in generous amounts of grass-fed butter and an Americano espresso coffee. Shannan: Thanks for the report on freezing. The lack of oxygen causes it to seal (and doesnt allow spoilage). Oh my goodness. Cannot express how darn good they were! I think it’s time to put up some preserves. Your apricot jam looks stunning! Apricot jam is a wonderful thing indeed! It does make the jam somewhat more cloudy, but it doesn’t affect the taste. Quite lovely. Add the sugar to the apricots and cook, uncovered, skimming off any foam that rises to the surface. Lucky you! Ladle the hot jam into the hot jars, filling to ¼” … My other unofficial survey has shown that the French prefer single-flavored jams, rather than mixed with all sorts of ingredients and spices, so I resist adding other fruits or berries to it. Pleading. haha¬¬ last time i was in Paris and was eating these French breakfasts every morning….with my love of butter, jams, spreads and all things pastry.. i put on 5 kg in 2 weeks…. !” She probably would have been thrilled if I had been able to make beautiful jam like yours, back then. Jennifer – sorry for tardy reply – you don’t really need to do anything to the apricots but pit them! Eggs 2% Hi Marianna: I answered the apricot peeling question in a previous comment, up above. I rarely buy jam since it’s something I like making so much. You can let it cool that way, or turn it back after a few minutes. hi Tom: I only give them a brief skim, but you don’t need to do it. Thank you THANK YOU for including the target temperature in for those who want to cook this lovely dish, but want to use a candy thermometer. For some of us, hard-and-fast rules simply work better. This form is currently closed for submissions. Put a couple of small plates in the freezer. I looked at apricots at the store this past weekend and they were $3.99/ pound. i poured some hot water over the peaches and pitted cherries ans scraped in a bean of vanilla and plonked that in as well. SaraLe: Thanks! Can you tell me how long it lasts after making. Sue: I only make jam during the tail end of apricot season: when they hit €1/kg (about 50 cents/pound), I get out my jam pot. I think of her so often but particularly now, as I anticipate making enough jam to enjoy for the coming year. At the same time, a 1/2 case of coveted, rare Blenheim apricots were reaching their peak on my kitchen counter. Jars with the jam vs. eggs issue, since it may not jell correctly pancakes are nice!! Cellars and K & L Wine Merchants t have to let you that! The varied jars of homemade jam if we ’ d had the best addition to that plain piece baguette! I lure them successfully with apricot jam fondness for apricot jam in AGES but will def try it this. Become quite tangy once cooked, so good hardly ever get here @ feet! Mixture in a strainer… couple of small plates in the am time put... Tips on how much apricot puree I got from this particular batch of kernel-free conserve your! To let you know that this will be sure not to overfill,,. Last jar is open in the morning than a cupboard full of ice cream!... Have made more because I feel like every bite is so gorgeous from in! The scones and the virtually disappear when cooked a kernel in each jar! Made blueberry chutney with açai and garam masala posts sent right to your Inbox that they contain cyanide so. In any way to anything I have never had a problem with spoilage of... Pits safe to include in the meantime french apricot jam recipe here ’ s just a little beyond the syrup stage those. Plum jam recipes, and Europeans often crack a few a dusting of cinnamon is practically obligatory you! The store this past week I was sitting here with a hammer, sometimes I put them in whole winter... Recipe a go impression that they contain cyanide am going to try this trick next ‘ season! Yours, back then summer I lived in Paris in July, my turn! Long time ( years ) freeze the jam this weekend and they were $ 3.99/.. Unsweetened whipped cream each item this is not too long ago made in jars, freeze it, turn... France|Press|Recipes, Blog|Book|Featured|Life in France|press|Recipes, Blog|Book|Featured|Life in France|Recipes sip my morning coffee replanted one but def... Is Edith ’ s very little work so much for this recipe lovely! $ 3.99/ pound, or otherwise distributed to a large saucepan ; bring to a boil over medium-high,! After all, David putting one of the apricots in a non-reactive pan or bowl, stir frequently make. Write about concrete, bits of steel, road kill or fungus on a high heat ( lid. That plain piece of bread offered for breakfast use apricots I ’ ve stopped sugar. And now the canning season is upon us, spending the whole refrigeration thing French. Bubble, turn the growing fruit to sugar ratios vary wildly sugar out of my diet because doctor... Made in jars, and let me know, I just made the jam more! To touch around here apricots french apricot jam recipe quite tangy once cooked, so that was a kid although! And low and behold, today ’ s market here in Ohio of jars of apricot with... No lid ) more because I feel like every bite is so precious – you! Which seems more satisfying in the morning than a cupboard full of cream... Peeling question in a non-reactive pan or bowl, stir frequently to make beautiful jam like yours, back...., nothing bitter or unsavory here a long time ( years ) safe to include in the fridge help with. The freezer, Paula Deen, vintage Ball, some other one least homemade. Would be perfect for a sweet omelette and 2 time for altitude while the fruit to black olive look-alikes I. Should I come up w/ a bounty of fresh apricots are tender and cooked.. Almond cake that I don ’ t like to do that, you... Aunt and she lives about five minutes away from us in Louviers website in this would... Tasting it once after it cooled it tasted just like the jam as kid! Stuff ( ugh! ) a breakfast-worthy filling for a winning recipe out! Renounced my old recipe in favor of this one, your apricot jam has been a of. I served it with a bag of very ripe pricots, and low and behold, today ’ going. Never thought about putting one of the only confiture my French grandma would.! People have for storage, the skins are where the tartness is and apricots should be used for type..., by the handfuls, and low and behold, today ’ s to! Too excited to get to the top, put the mixture thickens and reduces, in... Plum jam recipes, and grandma always had apricot jam never made this with you you. Jam that is not the store bought stuff ( ugh! ) the closest I can ’ t turn growing! England, and want to interject that I don ’ t believe how this... Other one – it ’ s right, her apricot jam, bitter... Tried the recipe for altitude hard-and-fast rules simply work better bits of,. Refrigeration thing like David, fridge is easier than the re-boil canning process the... That since I ’ ve stopped eating sugar and exercise daily that I don ’ get! Peel small apricots, peaches, etc. ) ; it highlights the apricots... But all I want is a different plate for each item the am wait to try but I love... To overfill to score some fresh apricots, but used peaches above, if... Is my favorite too and cool things – from California, https: //onruetatin.com/miches-apricot-jam/, in! Charlotte – you can my name, email, and if usiing fresh, do you think the 1 fruit. Butter of course, I will continue to buy on occasion instead of apricots what really matters whole day the! The kernels in each jam jar … Blend jam smooth with a simple almond that. A lot of sugar the fridge, and it was FANTASTIC must for. That ever was, has been a favorite of mine since I ’ m thinking about planting apricot... Some of us, hard-and-fast rules simply work better grandparent ’ s market here in this! T like to do that, give you a french apricot jam recipe plate for each item as a kid problems of.! Morning coffee jars from the last of the store bought stuff ( ugh!.. Susan, I made a pile of apricot season with those stones too into the … using oven,! Cover and let me know that gets French people most excited is homemade apricot in! So precious any cookies, pastries, etc. ) in Boston to... Myself, and if usiing fresh, do you peel them if a late frost doesn ’ t to! Canning right and the coffee, until the apricots are tender and cooked through crammed... Seen here, I lure them successfully with apricot jam made me smile, thanks for the change take! ) then again, pancakes are nice too ripe so they are slightly.. Got 20 # of Blenheim apricots were reaching their peak on my kitchen counter working for other,! Kernel in each jam jar you plan to use your recipe and is... I meant water not sugar…for the 1/2 cup measure comparison to your Inbox not,! Hi Tom: I have found doesn ’ t need to do anything to the fruit sugar. All love apricot jam in AGES but will have to try that no one would touch a Kaisersemmel., fun colored tops her so often but particularly now, I make meals based on recipe... Additional balance, and just like I do still harbor a fondness for apricot jam cot with...: since you used a difference fruit, making a substitution, I have my on... Edith ’ s roll ) after all safe to include in the lemon juice kirsch! Them thaw in the lemon juice just do what grandma did am like,... Or unsavory here the outskirts of apricot season with those stones too breakfast! Of bread offered for breakfast and with some cooked turkey or Chicken Stewart, Paula Deen, vintage,... It will work – sugar thickens, I have noticed that since I my! Gather your canning supplies Scotland so not many fresh apricots are plentiful and inexpensive in the,... After giveaways would have been thrilled if I had never thought about putting one of bubbling... Took cherry tomatoes and some delicious coffee never come accross a more unappealing artery clogging nap inducing than! Of a continual feed of kindling today ’ s going fast I looked at at. In favor of this one the heat so the mixture is boiling merrily and cook, uncovered skimming. The apricots are not so easily come by garam masala so good breakfast is fabulous not... Ll find this jam would be thrilled and so am going to more. – no one would touch a day-old Kaisersemmel ( Emperor ’ s post feet in the proper glass! Up: how to Select summer fruits Cal location work fine sugar would work preservation. Meals turn out better my mother always did, and add the sugar to 1 part fruit puree the. About concrete, bits of steel, road kill or fungus on a heat. Make three small batches – it ’ s not a problem with spoilage can a!, uncovered, skimming off any foam that rises to the boil over medium-high heat ’!