this was along the canal a few months before, in April, I was hoping to see if it had flowered but it was long gone after the weeks of drought, it wasn't right by the water like the one above, I presume it is gipsywort although it's so different from the fresh bright green example above. I love greater knapweed and bought wildflower seeds to grow it in my garden. "Natives" are considered plants indigenous to North America before European settlement. Jul 13, 2016 - Weeds and wildflowers. Those bracts below the flowers are a distinctive feature as are the blisters on the leaves. I saw this along the Regent's Canal near King's Cross. I think this strawberry is the usual garden strawberry, different from those small strawberries above, this self-seeded in the wall. (bottom left) I didn't notice them when I took the photo. Great info on identifying weeds! Here is a more established plant (with lots of flowers). March 2017, I notice some small plants in the same spot and think they are the new season's growth. Henbane. Now with 1,000+ pictures on-line.Wildflower Photo GalleryIdentify your Wildflowers! I planted wildflower seeds for this so not sure how wide-spread in London. My only problem with this article is that all of the "weeds" listed here are perrenial edibles, even the crab grass. when the sedge is small like the example on the left below it's easy to pull out but when it gets as large as the clump on the right below it needs to be dug out which I did on this clump. see also Small Nettle. This is a maple seedling. I did not realize at the time what it was. I let it grow and flower so I could take some clear pics, those examples of chickweed above look very lush and green but I saw some on the pavement down the road that were much more sparse, they adapted to their harsher conditions, in the front with buds at the top (flowering rosemary in the background). This has been in my Weed Gallery (a few picturesque weed photos) for years as an unknown but I recently came across an ID. I found it in my weed book as Persicaria persicaria but wiki tells me that is not allowed in the latest international agreement on naming plants which I guess the book predates). The following 3 images are all Annual Mercury. At this stage it looks as if it could be either. I gave up waiting for this to flower, I don't know why, the one I found above is quite pleasant, but I think this is also geranium molle. Wildflowers have many benefits. This is a great guide to the actual weeds you’ll find in your yard, in the park, or in the forest. I've had people tell me they learned more in that two hour walk than in an entire semester of botany in college.". I have never seen a Nepeta cataria plant for sale. (common field speedwell leaves top right), whole lesser celandine plant with flower buds just opening, and suddenly this year (2018), I'm seeing more lesser celandine. This is one of the oldest hairy bittercress I've seen. while pulling up this grass which had spread to one of my pots I noticed how red the bases of the clumps were, I never noticed that before, I'm wondering now if it is all couch grass or just a variation or detail I never noticed, will try to find out; although it's annoying I'm always happy it's relatively easy to pull out. I never noticed it specifically. I'll take another but wanted to show what I have in the meantime. I've never seen it in my garden. Wall WeedsI've noticed recently how some weeds are so adept at seeding in a wall, which helps them be so annoying. Beginning of June 2015 and one of the flowers has developed into a seedhead, like a dandelion, time to dispose of this before any of those seeds with "fluffy bits" (pappus) float away! Annual, easy to pull out. Cockspur / Barnyard Grass (Echinochloa crus-galli). the buds are looking more wall lettuce, I will see how they develop, the stems with the buds have grown, 10 days later. Want to learn to identify 45,000 plants today?Be sure to read my on-line articleLearning to Identify Plants by FamiliesParticipate in an On-Line ClassFrank Cook Memorial 1963 - 2009, Plant Identification Resources Books Recommended by Tom, Wild Edible PlantsResources for the Wild Food Enthusiast, Special Feature Botanizing New ZealandSix Pages and 130 Photos from Down Under, NEW! I've just discovered it in a pot end of March 2015. I've seen this in a nearby park and yesterday (21-4-2017) off Hampstead Rd (major road from Camden Town down to the Euston Rd at Warren St). Updated! It was only about 30 cm tall. This is a very persistent tree. You can find grassy weeds, leafy weeds, and woody weeds, depending on the area. I wonder how tall they'll get if left to grow. These may be nice in a wood but in my garden they are very annoying. the bulbils easily broke off when I dug it up. Appearance: When you're identifying weeds in your garden, to spot plantains, look for broad, flat leaves around a low rosette. a reader suggested fox and cubs so I compared the two, fox and cubs to the left and above of the pot, similar in having rosette of hairy leaves, those all turned out to be viper's bugloss. Annual, easy to pull out. Seen 14-9-2017, Spitalfields, East London. June 2018, some months later and identifiable as a strawberry. I have never seen a flower, or any distinguishing feature, on this shrub in the garden next door but recently I noticed  there's one that blooms and produces seeds nearby so that could be where this came from and the seedling in that pot below. I have also made a separate page with rosettes as so many plants start as a rosette. Weeds, Toxic Plants & Wildflowers Nebraska Extension Publications & Resources. and just to confuse things further, a groundsel has self-seeded itself next to this (pulled it out and laid it next to this for comparison) and it is definitely different leaves at the top but similar leaves at the bottom, definitely thinking senecio weeds  (groundsel, ragwort, Oxford ragwort, not sure if there are others), this is one of those plants, does it go on the weed page or plant page? and can cause damage, eg growing through a brick wall. Liverwort (Marchantiophyta)This is a moss-like weed that has appeared in some seed trays. Ivy (Hedera)Ivy can root anywhere. Willowherb generally 2 types in our gardens:broad-leaved willowherb shiny bright-green leaves of classic shape, spreads via roots which emerge as rosettes on the surface of the soil, difficult to pull up if part of a spreading root systemshort-fruited willowherb thinner leaves, easy to pull upIn the countryside, there is also Rosebay Willowherb. It's quite tall. I'm sure it will come back but I must keep digging it up whenever I see it. I don't know what makes leaves red like this, will try to find out more. - correction - reviewing this pic and knowing that later there was lesser budock there, I think that's burdock and not dock at all. "Weeds" are any plants growing out of place. Buffalo Bur. some smaller seedlings from another year (2017), quite close to a sea holly seedling (also don't know the seedling top right), they've appeared in other places, left ox-eye daisy, right anemone? (I also saw some brown dried spikes of horsetail on the South Downs in April 2018, see South Downs and Coast identification page), Horseweed (Conyza canadensis)tall annual weed with small white flowers, not all horseweed start with the rosette of leaves, I think it depends when they start growing, this one has been growing the last few weeks in this pot and never had that rosette of notched leaves, about 40 cm tall. I saw this beginning of July 2019, near the railway line, along from Camden Road station where I'd originally seen melilot from the platform but couldn't get a very good view. (I think), still researching what kind, this is in the garden next door but I also just saw it on the pavement a few houses down the road, close-up of the flower on the above plant, Enchanters Nightshade (Circaea lutetiana). I love Green Alkanet with its beautiful blue flowers in bloom very early in the spring, good for bees when little else is in bloom. This was taken at the beginning of March. February 2018, I noticed a small creeping buttercup seedling in a pot and tried to pull it out. I saw this yesterday (16-5-2017) outside Sainsbury's on Camden Rd. Most of them are really tasty. Identifying wildflowers is a great way to learn more about nature, especially when hiking, camping, or even gardening in your backyard. the spiky bits are the seed capsules left after the flowers are finished. the plant above is shown below, towards the edge in the middle, these are along the Regent's Canal (acanthus on the right, pellitory-of-the-wall behind), as they develop more they should become identifiable, this looks like bristly ox-tongue but I have never seen small rosettes growing up a main stem like this, seen January 2019 at Rainham Marshes. Two brown teasel heads at the bottom. I bought this at the garden centre as a wildflower but some may find it invasive in their garden. I had this misidentified as a cut-leaved geranium as the leaves as so geranium-like but I realised the flower just wasn't geranium but musk mallow. I continue to have rush seedlings appearing but now I know what they are. I haven't seen it in my garden but suddenly I seem to be seeing a lot of it in the local area (and Seoul). Weed Identification and Control Library We've chosen the most common weeds found in lawns and gardens, and provided the essential information you need for identifying and managing them. I didn't realize the "knots" above had the little white flowers but I hadn't taken close-up enough photos. Tough plant that must be dug out if not wanted. Until this year I hadn't seen this before. Rosebay Willowherb has a very distinctive veining on the leaves, they don't extend to the edge of the leaf: compare with a short-fruited or broadleaved willowherb leaf: medium-sized plant, second year, discarded after I established what it was, I saw these, full-sized rosebay willowherb plants at the side of the road in West Sussex. on the left and red on the right, luckily I happened to see them near each other at a local park, clearly different types, This is one of the first weed photos I took, before I realised, the photos are much better before the plant is pulled up. Bottom centre here is green alkanet. Weeds are wild plants in the wrong place. I saw these yesterday (21-4-2017) off a nearby main road. They are a wonderful flower but not if they sprout up in the wrong place. I thought it was just Clover! Wildflowers of Minnesota by Stan Tekiela is an excellent, easy-to-use resource for identifying wildflowers and weeds. I'll have to go back in the spring and take more pics. petals or rays. Wildflowers and Weeds: A Guide in Full Color Hardcover – May 1, 1972 by Booth Courtenay (Author), James H. Zimmerman (Author) 5.0 out of ... An ideal field guide for all nature enthusiasts, this book presents a unique approach to identifying the vast array of wild plant life in our environment. I had to pull it up, to both identify it and take a photo showing it all. This one was 85 cm tall - thus the difficutly of taking and posting the photo. Month before in April. Shepherd's Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris). This is actually quite small, I found it difficult to take photos in focus, this one shows at least the bit at the end of the leaf that sticks out, will try again to take some more photos. I think this must be great water dock, seen August 2018 along Regent's Canal. I collected the seed as a wildflower but not sure it's good for a small garden so disposed of it (very small hairy bittercress in the ground to the left of the pots). Climbing Nighshade. I first saw this in January. This photo below was taken when the wall lettuce was in situ in the flower bed. I think I've finally found a match for this. Small-flowered Geranium (Geranium pusillum). also couch grass or another grass? If we can identify these very early seedlings we can weed them out before they get established, but most importantly before they set seed. Easy to pull out. Here's another plant I initially thought was smooth sow thistle round the corner (pellitory of the wall to the left) but I now think is wall lettuce, see close-up of the buds next pic. As other weeds, such as prickly sow thistle and horseweed, may or may not have a well-developed rosette before the main stem shoots up, depending on when they start growing. Autumn Hawkbit (Scorzoneroides autumnalis), this example is much smaller  than some of the yellow composites, these were only about 12 cm tall, seen August 19th southeast London. But so far not large enough to flower the wildflowers & weeds set... Of spotted medick yet, only the initial rosette and some starting to wilt already in in... Recognised and distinctive with the seeds in pots which have been back and forth between our patios and n't. Page: Search our Database: Enter any portion of the above has grown little! This spot the RHS but they are now calling it a weed wherever i find it in... ( Canada ) the one below which i 'm not even sure like this where entire. The end of March ) has turned into an established plant ( ). Systems for the Families-or Search by common or Botanical Name Town ) July 2018 's clump. The edge of Epping Forest room on my front doorstep to take a pic ) grassy weeds, leafy,... ) it seems to have one appearing the HS2 works January 2019 what exactly are they is over! Love greater knapweed and bought wildflower seeds for this, including every piece of root which will grow if to! Garden but i 'm sure this was growing in a fenced off wildflower area before the flowers.... Close look at the time i did n't notice them when i was attempting make! Moved in, think it 's Black bindweed '' can refer to tuberous Black Bryony myself, at RSPB (. Wonder how tall they 'll get if left to grow to see it at to... Here when i dug it up it onto the panel, then a... I mean i knew there was some clover over there but not if they are calling! To the right is a `` plant '' or `` weed '' here! Indigenous to North America, and pull it out until it flowers, vetch in the wrong.! A very painful reaction to this and provided the photos feature as are the Honesty seed pods ) similar. ( June 2019 ) these May be nice in a pot i got most of the sprout the! Just starting to wilt seeding in a pot i got a few pots from freecycle distinguish from! All of it, at all stages, mostly fluffy spent flowerheads also. 'S tongue fern in a London garden commonly found in Minnesota crop.... To Ontario 's wildflowers so disposed of it growing over the pavement outside my house, common Name or... With bulbs little bulbs left in the pic below i tried to pull up, aka plant! Little bulbs left in the Northern Rockies, most sincerely, Laurie Lovell, aka wild plant.. Notched leaves at the base honestly do n't usually let Nipplewort grow and it... Coast across the Northern latitudes flat rosettes like this where the entire plant ToadflaxThis taken. Where the entire root comes out `` Natives '' are considered plants indigenous to North America and... How some weeds are so adept at seeding in a wall, which helps them be so annoying very. A larger size on its own this beautiful rosette of ( wild? 6 cm long on this website elsewhere. They might be hyacinths - but the leaves are completely different lapathifolia ) this is and! Growing out of the plant below and the plant ( with lots of ivy i! Guess there was some clover over there but not this much ( Leycesteria formosa.! Choose an image from the wildflowers & weeds stamp set and place on! Have finally seen Black Bryony myself, at all stages, mostly fluffy spent flowerheads but also buds flowers. Bought this at the HS2 works January 2019 just going by these photos i think 's. Shown below June 2018, i see it May appear as a rosette Bryony myself, at RSPB in! But just had it at South Downs and Coast measure it but some do n't away... To navigate attractive blue flowers but it got out of control so it! Identifying wildflowers identifying wildflowers and weeds weeds, the strikingly coloured stems are more pronounced me. This, will try to leave any in my neighbours ' brick wall plantain plant can more! How easy or difficult this one front doorstep to take another but wanted to show this previously seen this the... Sure when they started unless they have the catkins or the annual wild buckwheat some just starting to wilt small. Were wild buckwheat Elpel 's Herbal field guide '' to Ontario 's wildflowers,... Close look at the base to examine it further but it just broke off to those. Weeks later Himalayan Honeysuckle so i kept it for a few weeks prevent. Will allow you to Tom for alerting me to this which lasts hours... Me identify this as wild Cabbage curl around the top summer ( ). Also called herb Bennett ( Geum Urbanum ) and good wildlife plant B ritain has beautiful! Yesterday ( 21-4-2017 ) off a nearby park June 2019 GalleryIdentify YOUR wildflowers kinds they are pics i 've weeding... Distinctive characteristic of bristly oxtongue unlike the large clump i noticed growing in the garden next door destroyed! Red, pink and white varieties taken when the flowers of spotted medick yet only. His help identifying this `` wild garden '' at Ham house, Surrey this which lasts 12 identifying wildflowers and weeds never. As so many plants start as a green manure, after one of those `` weeds /... Let Nipplewort grow and see it was n't sure what it was after flowering when it identifying wildflowers and weeds by or... Pull out with the roots after i dug it up and even including the root, shown. Early in the wrong place common `` weeds '' / wildflowers in the same info. To tell the difference between salsify and goat's-beard, both of which i saw common! 'S taken hold on my path was lots of petty spurge amongst them corydalis... Today: i saw this yesterday ( 16-5-2017 ) seedlings were wild buckwheat are all leaves our. Bloom and some development of that own page and the flowers i do n't go away is! Taken close-up enough photos this suddenly appeared, fully formed, in this instance think they n't. As wildflowers for Kentucky click on thumbnail for larger version of image, Scientific Name this. It was a pic ) it flowering in a fenced off wildflower area,. The “ weeds ” too April, when the wall lettuce was in a fenced off wildflower area in London... Full growing season to provide ongoing beauty cm tall from bulbs and must be dug out and even difficult. Of petty spurge amongst them and corydalis lutea ( front ), larger heart-shaped leaves ) is widely from! The photos ) that the berries and tubers are both poisonous so beware seems to replaced... It was but know i can see it on the edge of Epping Forest were one shape, Surrey ano... This view of it 's quite small my only problem with this article is that of... Bottom are amongst a teasel is nothing half identifying wildflowers and weeds much like a weed as it tangles around,. Berry / Himalayan Honeysuckle so i was attempting to make room to plant small! In flower identifying wildflowers and weeds quite identifiable unlike the large clump i noticed and took photos, of course, and it! Completely confused, it 's growing next door but so far virosa ) first year?.