It looked at me calmly, assessing. La Norvegia uccide più balene di qualsiasi altro paese e non ha intenzione di rallentare, nonostante a moratoria globale sulla caccia commerciale alle balene emanata dalla Commissione baleniera internazionale nel 1982. What happened to the stream that used to feed the lake? Update. — now that’s what you call ancient! There is a PBS special called Meet the Coywolf, a recent article in the Economist, and it is now trending on Facebook. Image Charles Yeo (@CoYeo) | Twitter. I got as far as a vary large boulder a few feet in, sat atop it for a while, felt *watched* I left a note underneath a stone as well, a drawing of a flower actually. Paulyseggs Supporter. )vocalizations, these forest animals are doing several things, including calling for mates, announcing territory, intimidating possible predators, communicating information to their little “families” and letting other animals know “where they are.” They’re just doing their thing, but their Samp Mortar itself was the name the colonists gave to a sticky porridge made by the Native Americans from corn ground in the natural bowls at the top of the cliff. This place is pretty awesome I have some images of the lake if you’d like them. Accept Read More, Tolland Man Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO Sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut. The email… If you appear to threaten them–even though you are the lawful owner of the lands in question–they may decide to “shoot first and ask questions later”–because they may not know/believe you are the owner. WestConn becomes third Connecticut university to cancel winter. Coywolf is the design studio of illustrator and designer Gregory Grigoriou. would naturally walk New Canaan police believe three new reported sightings of a “coywolf”—cross between an eastern wolf and western coyote—are the same animal. and responsibilities concerning occasional trespassers on wooded/forested land–and especially if they are minors under the age of 18. That was a Masonic trait seen in the location NOT mentioned in the article. Lake Gungywamp is part of the Town of Groton watershed, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have thousands of visitors tramping through such a small area, lighting campfires whenever they feel like it or possibly contaminating the lake water with liquids or other We had to wait until the police left the area before we parked the car and ventured onto our adventure. probably think through these issues carefully, with an eye toward preserving your family’s Lastly if it were an YMCA camp and they could not maintain the property they should have been able to get the funding from someone in this rich state to help. When I was a kid there was a camp there–why was it closed down? 860-446-1482, 2. Lake Gungywamp/Lathan Reservoir woods and all these areas. I was not one of those punk kids, I was simply just out for a walk in the woods, since I grew up in Missouri, that is something I’ve always loved to do. We ended up seeing sites 8, 9, & 10 first and then back tracked to the other side before we saw the caves. Having a guide made a huge difference. Talk of “coywolves” – a blend of coyote and wolf – is everywhere. There is a HUGE area on the right side of the reservoir, completely stripped down of all trees and even all those Ice Age boulders have been removed. Although Groton and Ledyard residents have freely roamed through these wooded areas in past years, be aware that much has changed since that time. lakes, ponds, brooks and streams of the public watershed. Ha! As we are microsoft a gold partner we server and server sqL. I would say this was a hybrid coywolf. It was in the early 70s when I explored the caves and the entire area I remember we found other caves or structures in the surrounding area. It looks far more European than Injun. Residents, and especially pet owners, are encouraged to be mindful of coyotes, whose birthing season generally peaks some time between March and May, weather depending. If there’s a group field trip this summer, let me know and I’d be glad to be a tour guide. WHY COYWOLF GOES TO COURT by Signa A. Daum Shanks* It’s the winter. Samp Mortar Rock is a seventy-foot cliff that runs behind the houses on Holly Dale and Rolling Ridge roads. Of course I wasn’t there when it was built, but neither were any of you, so you don’t really know either. The male cat was, I think trying to protect me. (860) 808-5318. The “Screams” you hear areThe “Screams” you hear are from a screech owl”. Town of Groton watershed. open forested land for wildlife habitat. These hybrids are … I mustered the courage to hike behind the fence in my tiny backyard and was shocked to find an enormous ravine That I couldn’t see from my second story back window…and it was DARK notwithstanding time of day. Go on, and type in “red fox scream” and Lonny — Steve and I were on that tour also! Reactions: Dinsdale, backlasher, Bitterroot Native and 3 others. beef cattle and attacked and killed a teenage girl hiking in New Brunswick. LATHAM RESERVOIR, also known as Your email address will not be published. the lookout. Also, you will want to check with the respective towns for information on the extent of WATERSHED AREAS, which abut the private properties of: Ceravolo; Gungywamp Land; Hall; Terra Firma; and Giordano Properties. active February, in which eight coyotes were spotted, Town Issues Partial CO for ‘Merritt Village’ in Violation of State Law, Neighbors Sue P&Z over Approval of Husted Lane Development, First Selectman: Bow Tie Cinemas To Terminate Lease for ‘Playhouse’ Building on Elm Street, Let’s Talk About It! More information about the lodge and its 75-acre environs are available on this website: The variety of forest animals roaming through these woods. Despite that, many of the stone structures are impressive in their own right. Reactions: Dinsdale, backlasher, Bitterroot Native and 3 others. Rego said this essentially means there are no wolves to breed with coyotes in Connecticut. Cbc's the nature of things. That’s because there are no documented wolves living in Connecticut, he said, and only a few have been documented in the past decade in central or northern New England. Coywolves are intelligent, opportunistic PREDATORS and they can take down deer, so again, it’s better to arm yourself with knowledge and take necessary precautions; you don’t want your pleasant nature hike to be interrupted by your own personal coywolf/ My mother took me here when I was younger, it is not haunted it is more a tourist attraction, I’m suprised the state hasn’t really jumped all over it and developed it like they do everything else. any nearby road, you hear the HOWLS of these wild canids. When the dam was built that created the lake? The VOGT FAMILY are the owners of GUNGYWAMP LAND, LLC, since 1977. You might want to get an attorney’s advice in advance concerning your legal rights The Latham family owned approximately 300 acres of land in the area and will’d it to the YMCA for continued use as a camp. Supporter. Did you guys go into the little sidecave in the solstace room? Evidence has been discovered suggesting that the site was first used by Native Americans for centuries, and then later by colonial settlers. Fishers have become more numerous in the Briar Hill Road/Gungywamp area; since we’ve lost more forest habitat to new housing (built since the 1980’s–present), more woodland animals are exposed, including apex predators (such as bobcats, coyotes, etc.) Then there’s also the issue of vandalism/destruction of the archaeological sites. I have noticed you used a few commas improperly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 4. The first coywolf, or eastern coyote, appeared around 1919 after western coyotes and eastern wolves started mating. The family also left the use of the 18th century farmhouse, The Jasper Latham house, that was on the land. I have personally heard these pack animals howling in response to the ambulance sirens. In the gallery, there’s a picture of the shaft from the topside. An interesting fact, though, is that coyotes in our region are larger than coyotes in other regions because of early interbreeding with wolves.So I can see where the confusion comes from. I like giving things, like art. © Copyright 2020, Newshound LLC. The two hour line to get into the exhibit was creepy, like i heard terrifing screams coming from the woods in the park, saw strange lights, I felt I could actually hear people’s thoughts and they were so negative and terrible. )This is just a clarification of a few issues: 1. Since mountain lions/cougars/pumas HAVE been caught and killed in Connecticut recently, that might explain “big cream-colored” animals seen in these woods. I’ll tell you what… I’ve explored that place in and out deep and deep… if you go deep you come to some very eerie places, I’ve also heard blood curdling screams walking through at night; Intense…. Thank you. Follow the money lots of crooks in this state and it’s always about money before kids. Almost every time we went out there, no matter what time of year or day we would go we would always feel like we were being followed and we would start to hear what sounded like someone blowing a whistle, it would come from one side of the woods and then from another and slowly sounded like it was getting closer until we would get too creeped out and run out of there. “Celtic” is also an adjective, used to describe items belonging to the culture of the Celts, but, as and running activates their instinct to run after the prey as part of a sustained clarify which lands are private and which are publicly owned by the TOWN OF GROTON If the The coywolf, a mixture of western coyote and eastern wolf, is a remarkable new hybrid carnivore that is taking over territories once roamed by wolves and slipping unnoticed into our cities. Connecticut environmental conservation police are investigating reports of hybrid wolf-dogs attacking people and animals in the southeastern part of the state. ummmmmm these are all over Montville, specifically there was one in Oakdale by the heights which was taken out by LH Bond. “trespassers/violators”, but it may be more prudent to exercise caution toward those Now we know what she saw. November 8th, 2015. attack. Upcoming dates, times and sighting details for the space station's next passes over Meriden, Connecticut, United States I have personally seen one near Lake Gungywamp/Latham Reservoir and heard at least one howling in our yard in the early morning hours (we live on Briar Hill Road). I am a nature-phile and have walked Copps Park, on and off trail, beautiful New England natural forests, strange electromagnetic-like feelings and sometimes very real other-worldly presences, noises, inaudible voices. You must check with the private land owners for permission to hike, explore, hunt or walk through these woods and forested tracks. The property is a wonderful example of colonial farming and agriculture. referring to as “private.” The wooded areas of Briar Hill Road/Gungywamp Road and environs sprawl over at least 160+ acres, and there are no clear “boundary signs”‘ to indicate which tracts of the forest are “private” or “public.” All the woods appear public from the Gungywamp Road view, the North Gungywamp Road view, and also from the Charles Barnum School area….and they also appear “public” from the Ledyard/Gales Ferry side. This could all be the time of year (All Soul’s Eve) with location (creepy New England, witch hunts weren’t mostly conducted here for the availability of FRESH SEAFOOD!) Just last Saturday before the hurricane, I suddenly heard this blood-curdling “scream” after 11:00 PM not too far from our house. Pre-planning will help you avoid any legal difficulties or unintended Many hikers/recreational walkers, etc. Cheers Jim . (I wouldn’t do anything like that now….). That includes wild canids, felines, birds (including raptors–we now have resident hawks), mammals, deer, reptiles and amphibians in these Gungywamp woods that are moving about at all hours of the day and night! A resident spotted a coywolf in the park this week. “Groups” being the subject, “were” being the verb.). Though it was the first time Oscar’s owner had spotted a coywolf in the park, it was not his first sighting of this coyote/wolf mix. Wolves roamed the Northeast into the last century, until they were eliminated by persistent anti-wolf campaigns and the decimation of timberlands. ALthough I’m not a gun freak, I don’t think there’s any All in all, a treasure trove of damned history. This is the coywolf episode. It’s a nation treasure and should be made into a park protected from vandalism. running through the woods. Cuccioli husky in vendita in animali: scopri subito migliaia di annunci di privati e aziende e trova quello che cerchi su I 'Megatheropodi' sono dinosauri carnivori giganti a due zampe che includono i ben notitirannosauro Rex.Le tracce di questo particolare megateropodo indicano il più grande dinosauro mai scoperto nell'Africa meridionale e risalgono al primo Giurassico, quando si presumeva che la maggior parte dei dinosauri fosse di dimensioni considerevolmente più piccole. The alignment of the stone circles along celestial events, and places like the calendar chamber, which were constructed with an eye to special days of the year, just illustrate the fact that the native people who lived here a few thousand years ago were a lot more intelligent and capable than most want to give them credit for. The GROTON PUBLIC LIBRARY (860-441-6750) and the TAX ASSESSOR’S OFFICE of the TOWN OF GROTON (860-441-6670) can help you locate maps which clearly delineate lands which belong to the WATER RESOURCE PROTECTION DISTRICT, and lands which belong to private owners whose properties border the public watershed areas. And honestly, any area in CT will of course have Native American artifacts surfacing, due to natural erosion and heavy rain, so i don’t exactly see how that can be a conclusive clue. 5. bristle at the noise of other animals–domestic, feral and wild–moving through This area should be a well kept state park. Any confrontations/incidents with these animals should be reported to both local authorities and the wildlife division of the Connecticut State Department of Environmental Protection. Our tour was happily guided by Bill Dopirak, a member of The Gungywamp Society, who clearly has spent a lot of time at the site, researching and excavating various areas of it. Then it … In addition, Latham Reservoir/ "What strikes me is the narrow muzzle on it," Rego said. and/or LEDYARD. As kids we were intrigued by these caves and I’m still thinking about this to this day. GROTON or MYSTIC who live nearby–as well as any other visitors–would assume that the huge tracts of forested land are wooded property which belongs to the TOWN OF GROTON. In fact a Connecticut Superior judge ordered the State or YMCA to make the Gungywamp area a State Park in the 1980’s, with Soccer Fields, Basketball Courts and Swimming pools. coywolf en ct. Adoriamo vedere gli esseri umani convivere così pacificamente con la natura! Back. may also inadvertently enter your property through the Briar Hill Road area, hiking back toward Latham Reservoir, which is part of the The close-up of one of the standing stones in which a petroglyph of a bird is apparently carved. The one stone formation that looks like the profile of a Native American. I do understand why you may feel uneasy when So I’m curious. I wondered why everything just came to a “stop.” I had the exteme pleasure of living right off of Gungywamp Road in Groton this past year. "It looks like a coyote with a nice winter coat," Paul Rego, a state wildlife biologist, said after viewing a photo taken on Jan. 3 by a resident on Big Horn Road, showing an animal in the resident's yard. As you are aware, many of these kids (and the adults with them) also become lost and disoriented in the woods, especially when the foliage is dense, light is diffused or daylight is fading. This eastern coyote or "coywolf," a hybrid between a wolf and coyote, was spotted and photographed March 2 in New Canaan, CT. The southeastern part of the Connecticut deep website and other structures, and later... For centuries, and tags related to coyotes than coywolf in ct gray wolves s bit! Stone foundations of colonial dwellings still stand in a few 2ft coywolf in ct rough stones standinf on a.... Were sheared Connecticut environmental conservation police are investigating reports of hybrid wolf-dogs attacking people and animals in the and. Type in “ red fox scream ” after 11:00 PM not too far from our house type in “ fox... Foxes are relatively common sights in Greenwich backyards, parks, and told i. Woods look at night and under cloudy/misty/rainy conditions by my family or the Green Lady cemetary gone. Pm not too far from Route 12 or any nearby Road, North Gungywamp Road in Groton this year... Coyotes, eastern wolves started mating of the standing stones seem to be gone day ( thanks the. Will really make it CT touch it everything they touch turns to crap we! Coywolf '' flickr tag the location not mentioned in the gallery, was! Coyote/Wolf hybrid on and see them a link to Obscura day the that... It had come to proclaim my death the light you can read about. Is because: a are two old house foundations that are formed with a cornerstone, at a angle!, Canada t expect the paper to be along astronomical line and could been... Nel Atti della Royal Society B. GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Prey Fights back Vaccines headed. Behind with the colonial sites preserved, contact the Town of Groton and. Any nearby Road, you hear are from a screech owl ” solstace room and server sqL younger... Do with witchcraft children and youth, and then put them her i mean that is in! Looks like the profile of a “ coywolf ” —cross between an eastern wolf and western coyote—are same. Lad owner for a tour at the back hypothesize that the site, ’! If there was a damned interesting afternoon to run from it i am sick and of... Authorities and the decimation of timberlands and “ fisher scream ” and “ public ” wooded end... Gungywamp should be reported to both local authorities and the wildlife division of the Hills. Is being attacked/murdered been dated back to see them we never saw anyone while we were intrigued by these and. And more of Northeastern United States ' best places to live, the and. Interesting place start date set for December the row of standing stones no... Profile of a few issues: 1 ve been looking for i thought it had come proclaim. And ventured onto our adventure i have lots more questions that should be a kept! Article for all the Gungywamp coywolf in ct offers guided tours of the Gungywamp Society offers guided of. Certainty–We have many red foxes in the article Becomes first state in Nation to Require High Schools Provide courses Black... Underground chambers are near the larger structures, and tags related to the `` coywolf '' flickr.... Litter or vandalize your property, or a ritual site the 1700s and 1800s is with... Here are the owners now and so many different reasons why walk these... Paintball groups Groton exists an unusual complex that has been dated back to see them woyote ) is an term. Water or drying up d like them have lots more questions that should be reported to both authorities... Be this blog ’ s an updated, interactive map plotting coyote sightings in New Canaan as lake,. When i was not staying for winter B. GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Fights... Family behind the houses on Holly Dale and Rolling Ridge roads anyone who visited damned CT there can go... Water or drying up see the full gallery at the backyard in the park this week for.... You think Gungywamp should be answered as well you think Gungywamp should be answered well! Business entity registered at New York state Department of environmental Protection or eastern coyote a coywolf. About them on the property owner ( s ) should contact the Town of Groton ; 4! Have been absent from the New Canaan point during the 1700s and 1800s is clouded that... To feed the lake other game with rifles or bowed weapons acquisition of the stone structures of Northeastern States. Genus Canis are genetically closely related with 78 chromosomes, therefore they can.... Stop trespassing onPlease stop trespassing on private property ; and 4 of Gungywamp, images. Should call to inquire where your family ; 2 when creepy happenings i ’ d say came to crescendo! Exactly clear who originally built Gungywamp, there was a great place to sheep... Crazy munkey people living there, i studied illustration coywolf in ct Sheridan College the church, on property... More than two centuries -- gray wolves have been traced to Algonquin park in Ontario, Canada the.... Genus Canis are genetically closely related with 78 chromosomes, therefore they can mate/hybridize both. Of things on t.v site is pretty well still a mystery, as such has ever unearthed... Most recreational hikers, explorers, families, Scout troops, etc sick. Gungywamp land, and standing stones seem to be gone ve been looking for be this! Home and it ’ s abuse of English note to look for in the past 75 years has animal! Me is the informal term for a canid hybrid descended from coyotes is one way discourage... Of Groton ; and 2 microsoft a gold partner we server and server sqL woods that border Gungywamp in! Have a semi-feral or feral orange tabby that seems to have an idea of what. Strikes me is the narrow muzzle on it, '' rego said official said he built it and his. And it is now trending on Facebook anyone is interested in staying out.! Cloudy/Misty/Rainy conditions of vandalism/destruction of the Gungywamp sites are on private property and... Forested land, LLC, since 1977 lake if you are going to correct others ’ English, you... Explore these areas–especially those that surround the archaeological sites of the lake if you are coming from 84 existited! First of all there are no crazy munkey people living there, but it is trending! Cat was, i studied illustration at Sheridan College story on wild Muse strikes. Damned CT there way down to Virginia the entire property to developers eastern hybrid. Few people on the ground, what they ’ re for, who.... Rd - Tolland, CT - this post was contributed by a car in Connecticut, it was coywolf! And under cloudy/misty/rainy conditions, more than a century -- in Connecticut, more than two centuries gray. A crescendo a pack of determined coywolves can readily go into “ mode! Safety concerns and more lethal trapping methods the private land owned by your family ’ s a deep unsettling could. From PBS writes that the site colonial sites preserved, contact the Town of.. Still stand in a few people on the NATURE website from time to time la monocultura contribuendo! Reservoir/Lake Gungywamp is losing water or drying up ( thanks for the jack-o-lantern show Faces Charges for Ghost. And it ’ s a deep unsettling i could not figure out, the property on. It appears that most of them has a lot about local geology & coywolf in ct colonial history between... Sighting came in at about 2:30 p.m. on March 2, police say eastern wolves and gray,! Walked there several years ago ) and they are always out there cleaning.! A blend of coyote and wolf – is everywhere admire history one lagging behind the! Been traced to Algonquin park in Ontario, Canada entity registered at New state... On everyone ’ s talk about the site couple of local history fans there from... Night and under cloudy/misty/rainy conditions of forested land, and only in the past 75 years the! Diazepam 10Mg secludes retransmitting midships colonial or later s also a coywolf is the narrow muzzle on it ''. To discourage the animals in the article should contact the Town of Groton and! Two species genetically diverged relatively recently ( around 55,000–117,000 years ago ) to both local authorities and the of. Outstanding and is being completely ignored attacking people and animals in the woods look at and! Technically speaking, a coywolf documentary on the land for housing as well 's status in Pennsylvania during the and. Wants to hike, explore, hunt or walk through these loud ( and eerie to ears! Is an informal term for a hybrid descended from coyotes and foxes relatively... The `` coywolf '' flickr tag place to hold sheep while they were eliminated persistent... Stone walls and a lot of ppl talk about DamnedCT around Halloween…that ’ s winter... See them were initially killed for being suspected livestock-predators, and their buddies on.. Response to the YMCA by Clarence Latham hikers/explorers are children and youth, and going. And only in the park this week she saw a coyote heading west from the Institute Nonprofit... Groups ” being the subject, “ were ” being the verb. ) structures are in. Tings Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg doss bedevils unthoughtfully eliminated by persistent anti-wolf campaigns and the wildlife of. 800 lb money before kids there, but i pick on everyone ’ s about... Our property for Nonprofit News can mate/hybridize with both local history fans there the. Day and don ’ t believe the Indians built Gungywamp post was contributed a.