Contact the Refuge for specific regulations that apply to hunting and camping on the Refuge at 520-823-4251.The best maps to get for this unit are the USGS Topographic maps. The Caterpillar Proving Grounds property line is well marked and includes a southern parcel of 4,620 acres purchased from State Land in December of 2011. This area is constantly being developed and many of the roads run across private property. Access to the north end of the Sierrita mountains can be obtained be taking Sierrita Mountain road to the end of the pavement. Check for current or recent wildfires in this area. Look for dirt tanks that contain water, as deer should be nearby. The selected State hunt unit or game management unit … Total Area. Unit Boundaries – Note that the boundary for Unit 24B has changed due to the creation of new Metro Units (25M, 26M, and 47M). Post by 300wsm » Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:30 am Hi there, Im looking for a little advise. There is no right away across these private lands and they can close the roads. 3rd Meet other hunters with same passion. Preseason scouting is recommended for a successful hunt. This newly closed parcel includes the Tinaja Hills. WhitehouseW, Oct 8, 2011. The Caterpillar Proving Grounds property line is well marked and includes a southern parcel of 4,620 acres purchased from State Land in December of 2011. This road will allow access to the southeastern portion of the unit and the area south of the Caterpillar property.The Caterpillar Proving Grounds is currently closed to all hunting including archery. So no luck yet on downing a Coues Whitetail in this unit but I did have an interesting experience this morning. Overview: Unit 36C supports a good population of javelina. I got drawn this year for a cow elk hunt in unit 10 (unable to go), and a 36a coues hunt coming up this week. This area has not yet been mapped. A general rule of thumb is that they occur in brushier habitats above 3,500 feet in the unit. Public Lands: 86%. Overview: Unit 36A supports a good population of white-tailed deer. BIOTICS is an advanced Pre and Probiotic blend specifically formulated to increase healthy gut bacteria, while decreasing the bad gut bacteria at the same time. We went out last weekend in unit 16A, saw some does on the last day. Many of these roads will take you to the base of the mountains with some of the roads taking you all the way around the mountains coming out on Arivaca road or even Interstate 19. Cottontails can be found pretty uniformly throughout the unit. Habitat conditions during 2006-07 allowed fawn survival to remain stable.Whitetail are found in good numbers throughout the Huachuca Mountains., Canelo Hills and Mustang Mountains.. Trophy quality bucks are still available, but hunters must be persistent and patient if they expect to harvest one of these elusive animals. Unit 21 Bulls Elk Hunting Coueswhitetail Discussion Forum. Burn Areas Last 10 yrs. From the East, access is now most easily obtained off of McGee Ranch Road through a gate about 4 to 4 ½ miles west of Mission Road. References This Pima County, Arizona location article is a stub. My wife just gave birth to our first child last week (reason I could not go on my elk hunt...It sucks to waste a tag) and as of 1 nov. Access to the western portion of the hunt unit can be obtained from Sasabe Hwy (286). Make an extra effort to be sure you know which species of deer you are shooting in this unit. Arizona Game & Fish is drawing the deer hunts today. Thread starter tdnelk; Start date May 17, 2019; May 17, 2019 #1 T. tdnelk Newbie. There are numerous roads going to the east off the Hwy. Photos, Maps and Videos! These desert areas will usually, but not always, have ocotillo present similar to those found between the Sierrita, Cerro Colorado, and Las Guijas mountains. Units: Arizona Big Game Unit 31, ... Arizona Big Game Unit 36A, ... OTC, archery rut hunts for mule deer and coues whitetail deer are by far our most popular hunts each year! Burn Areas Last 10 yrs. Talk anything related to Whitetail or Coues Deer. From this Point you can either travel west along the power line or you can travel southwest toward the Sierrita Mountains and McGee Road. Overview: Unit 36A is good for hunting cottontail rabbit although the density of rabbits depends on winter rainfall.