Considering I live in a variety of countries, these never do and never will from my perspective. I always base my experiences on customer service and quality of product. Gear Review: Marmot Variant Jacket. I would be remiss were I to write an article on the best backpacking rain … As we touched on above, the Marmot PreCip is an easy jacket to recommend due to its excellent combination of price and performance. This 2-layer waterproof membrane is backed by fully … Multiple attempts since at calling and emailing for updates are unanswered and 10 months later I still don't have the replacement fly so the tent is unusable. Marmot was my first order!Very disappointed, I hope that it does indeed go out today or I will now be left to return the items and have to deal with customer service wait times again to get my refund. To be quite frank, they have less than average customer service from my personal experience. Told me I fell through the cracks in their system, and she could not help me. I tried to call them again but was put on hold for an hour, so I gave up. When it wears off from use and abrasion, the jacket’s exterior fabric begins absorbing water. Worst customer service! I had to google it and it was rated at top 10 warmest parkas. Stay dry by wearing the waterproof, windproof, breathable Marmot Refuge jacket, which is also fully taped to prevent leaks. I reached out to them by email yesterday and have not received even a courtesy automated response acknowledging receipt. I was on hold for 45 mins last week after calling about the order and the person on the call assured me that it would ship out by the 14th at the latest. Marmot Precip Rain Jacket. I had exhausted my patience after trying four days to reach customer service via phone and email following a purchase during a one day online discount promotion for Hype Down Jacket. Don't advertise for promises you cannot keep. Toll-Free: +1-877-883-6276 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST Monday-Friday Warm and waterproof, but also bulky and heavy, the Rivaridge … I am sorry if you came here to vent a rage or pain which is personal and has nothing to do with grace. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! The Marmot Solaris Jacket Mens from the brand Marmot … 3 … Please try again later. As a result, we see it all over the rainy Pacific … Today is January 21st, no corespondance what so ever. Maybe they need a raise or give their jobs to someone who gives a rat. Rating Summmary: 7 total reviews. Upping my review to 3 stars in waiting to see if it ships as promised. It’s a widely-used model that’s solid, year after year, and the newest version totes a lighter, more breathable … Shame on you twice marmot. The jacket’s primary tester said the Featherless doesn’t feel like down upon physical inspection, but certainly looks and packs the part. After several long emails from me they finally replied with, the information they withheld, that they use dangerous chemicals in their products that is similar to the now banned PFOA also known as c8. Shop. Within an hour Sarah (not her real name), called me from her personal line, asked me to share my experience and report what I learned from an online search. Marmot: The Brand. They came in the mail and I was SO stoked to try them out that I took with me to a friends ranch and decided to test indoors instead of using her sheets and comforters. Bad customer scervice. I've ordered stuff from other outdoorsy websites during COVID, such as Patagonia/LL Bean/Backcountry, and I've never waited over 5 mins for a customer service representative.To anyone reading this review, I urge you to order Marmot products off of different websites, such as Backcountry, Moosejaw, Zappos, etc. I don’t know what has changed within the organization but I am very disappointed. It was down to this jacket of the North Face Gotham. I don't need to hear a sob story. Waring! I bought two Marmot items recently - a base layer pullover and down jacket. I just didn't want to travel in the midst of covid 19 and I trusted the 3 day shipping policy and ordered as I thought I have enough time. So I used the credit to buy two Marmot 40 degree sleeping bags. Curious, I googled the company and ended up at the BBB website which had an alternate phone number. the negative is that I couldn't find much for reviews anywhere so i … 0 Items in cart Help. It was supposed to be shipped on 9/2 or 9/3 (as per the purchase order receipt). It's a bit thick to be really breathable but does feature 11" top … I can only suspect that they either didnt have the product available or simply one of the staff members wanted it for themselves. I have emailed them twice and not received a response. On most jackets the DWR is a coating applied t… Not very friendly. 3 % 3 Rated 3 stars out of 5. Called them they said jacket was out of stock, and that all the jackets were gone. She kept pointing out to the phrase and said i order the after the cut-off time on Thursday so it was technically ordered on Friday which was a business day. At least I know with four days until my trip that some of their competitors can get it here even in that short time frame.... some shipped the day I ordered and came the next business day!UPDATE: After another 2 hours on hold I did manage to get a customer service rep who was very helpful. Read Customer Reviews at Marmot integrity, gracious corporate staff working hard to turn things around. Find a store. I selected this one because it doesn't seem like everyone has it. What happened to this company? Long story short, I was told the order will not ship until approximately ten days after the order was made. I will not recommend these tents to my camping buddies. Under 3-day shipping, it says "ordered received within 2-4 business days". I waited three hours and no call. Poor Customer Service. It is unfortunate because they make good product. Read 17,838 Marmot Customer Reviews for products like Marmot Backpacks, Marmot Jackets, Marmot Pants, and more at Sierra. First time buyer for camping gears and was so excited for my 1st camping experience. Marmot’s Minimalist jacket isn’t new, but its combination of price and performance keeps it among our favorite rain shells year after year. I sent it in November 2019. Marmot also claims that EvoDry will keep the jacket waterproof for its entire lifetime. Refunded? 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST Monday-Saturday. At a glance Plusses: Lightweight, breathable, suited for light and fast trips Minuses: Slim fit may not suit everybody Features: Constructed from two-layer Gore-Tex Paclite, the Knife Edge is fractionally heavier than a specialised running jacket … Store: I’m sad to report that I’m back with worse news since my last review (of the $339 tent I bought that was falling apart that I paid $85 to ship to marmot who I had to constantly follow up with to ONLY get a credit, not a refund). I ordered a jacket, got a order confirmation number. As it was from the US I used An Post to forward the item onwards. 2. What does it mean? The Marmot PreCip rain jacket will keep you dry and grinning even in the heaviest of downpours. I called customer service a few days later because I did not receive a shipment confirmation email. They sure know how to cheat customers and don't feel sorry at all. I bought two Marmot items recently - a base layer pullover and down jacket. After following up myself i was informed that apparently Marmot really dont do this kind of business and will not ship the item as the shipping address doesnt match my billing address. 60 + 20; 60; 120; 240; … I called the phone number and immediately reached Lisa (not her real name) and after describing my experience and what I read from online reviews, she had listened with empathy and spoke with a sense of responsibility and promised a manager would call me back. I bought a Marmot Limelight 3P tent a couple years ago. Ended up returning it for the Marmot Montreal Parka, what a difference!!! As a climber I am always after a jacket … However, I never received the item or communication from the customer service. BAD! I called back 40 minutes later and waited over an hour to talk to a customer service rep, who says things are delayed 3 additional business days due to Covid. Which is a pity because years ago they made good clothing. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! I am currently on-hold, its been 42 mins at this point. marmot has a lifetime warranty on their products.therefore i opened a support case on the marmot site. I'll update with more details after I get through...Update: 57min on hold to be told that they did ship it but just didn't send me the tracking information. Bust through snow, crust, and slush with this warm, toothy … The Marmot Knife Edge strikes an outstanding balance by remaining lightweight while providing at useful accessory feature: pit zips. You want genuine leads that convert then you must talk to Marmot. The usual size ranges are catered for and from my experience as well as the multiple reviews I read, the Marmot Minimalist jacket does fit true to size for most. You see, it wasn't about 'not getting what I wanted,' (immediate attention, on my terms), it was about realizing that right now, in the middle of a pandemic, where everyone is confronted consciously or not with an existential dilemma, staff at Marmot are getting sick and are overwhelmed at work just like nurses and doctors in hospitals are overwhelmed and getting sick while trying to fill orders for jackets, or hold a phone to a loved one to say goodbye. Her grace instantly humbled me and snapped me out of my sense of entitlement because 'my' money spent equalled 'do as I want.' I would have ordered them from somewhere else where i can pick them up. I am still owed a refund and it is basically theft if it is never processed. Not sure what they can do, but I said sure. I guess all I can do is not buy any more Marmot … She offered to have a supervisor call me. A week ago Sunday; a one day 30% Marmot online sale, I purchased a Hype Down 800 fill jacket, no more 6 layers for me! This might be my worst online shopping experience ever. 0 % 1 Rated 1 stars out of 5. Review Breakdown: 83 % 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. DWR is what makes water bead on a jacket. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on my Marmot order to be processed (let alone shipped), even though I ordered it earlier. It took me two days to get in contact with someone (don't bother writing an email). Very disappointed that I splurged and bought this brand. The 6 Best Hiking Boots of Winter 2020. Best Marmot Men's Jackets Reviews - Top User-Rated Marmot Men's Jackets — 223 products / 8,897 models — Page 1. Shop. With prayers for you and your loved ones, practice empathy..... A zipper broke on a coat I had owned for less than 2 years (and used for just 2 seasons). Please check your email for confirmation message. We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Ever wish to stitch additional insulation onto the front of your favorite mid-layer? I went to get it repaired and after sitting on hold twice for 30+minutes was discounted from the call center and then on the second call given a brief answer and disconnected again. Though Marmot advertises this jacket as "extremely breathable", compared to the others we tested, we find it to be about average. She apologized with palpable emotion and reflected my upset back without any debate except for an offer to make it right, not just for me but each and everyone who has gone online to vent them selves whether over a broken button or a unhappy customer service experience. I purchased a pair of Marmot walking shoes from Blacks, with very little wear the stitching came undone on both shoes. I called back waited 1.5 hours and the rep accidentally hung up while looking up the order, I just want to confirm it will in fact go out today.I also ordered from Back Country, MooseJaw, REI, Helly Hansen and EVO and ALL have managed to ship and some have already delivered. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. All rights reserved. That Marmot outer shell kept me dry and warm. Find a store. Good jacket with a big con. I guess all I can do is not buy any more Marmot products. You would think a company that prides itself on quality would care more about their customers. It’s designed to remain warm when wet and pack like traditional down, in this case emulating 700-fill power down. Well, apparently the training goes on for days because every time I've called, I hear the same message. Pretty sure there is no actual customer service department. You can’t go past his expert marketing knowledge to assist your business in getting noticed. I have known and worked with Simon for over 30 years. : +1-435-213-1125 I ordered a tent online with Marmot on 9/10. Waited 5 days but received no other information. PFHxA, Perfluorinated Compounds (PFC) used and bad customer scervice. I advised her if that is the case, it should not state the complete opposite on my purchase order receipt. Return arrived? Turns out my sleeping bag already had a 1.5” opening where a seam never received sewing or glue or the like. Marmot Castle Peak Jacket Review Let’s be clear, this is a $550 jacket. I ordered a couple of items on May 21, 2020 around 3pm EST but didn't received any tracking info until May 26. Review: Marmot Eclipse Rain Jacket The Marmot Eclipse EvoDry jacket kept me dry on my commute. Intl. … But again, as for customer service, they still have work to do.... Super slow and super unresponsive. Returns sent January 2nd via Federal Express. (Sarah mentioned she was going to make it right) If you read this review up to now, I recommend a few deep breaths before you vent any rage online and instead, reach out and ask for help. Review Breakdown: 43 % 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. Gallery. I emailed from gmail twice and twice through their portal. Just days from the Christmas cutoff during in the business time of the year in a pandemic! Never will try to buy a Marmot product again. Marmot is an American brand established in 1974, by a trio of friends that spent a great deal of their time outdoors and required a puffy jacket that would withstand … Absolutley ridiculous. Customer service with the company is non-existent. Virtually no customer service - order Marmot off of a different website. Marmot Highlander Down Hoody. I ordered from Marmot on the 6th and the order is still "processing". Though it is likely just a way to stop the rush of calls that they know are coming at 10:30 EST when customer service opens. Why We Chose The Marmot Keele Jacket: Excellent waterproof protection and breathability, durable but stretchy fabric Founded in Colorado back in 1974, Marmot know more than a thing or two about what … So I called the customer service to inquire about the shipping status and it was not shipped yet. It is still “processing”!I called when Customer Service opened and all representatives were away from their desks training. Zero customer service. My first and last experience with the brand! Regular processing time is 1-3 business days an additional 3 would be 4-6 and I am already at 6 business days, and no sign of it shipping. I also emailed them a week ago but received no response. Depending on where you live, that could be the better part of a month’s rent. Customer service has no idea when it will, just that things are behind due to covid. I am paying for a service and that is what I expect, end of story. Poor quality construction and poorer warranty service. But I needed to verify I had the right size. So I questioned whether it would be shipped today and I will be able to get them by Thursday. Customer service with the company is non-existent. I was really surprised that Marmot put such a rubbish upper on vibram soles. Terrific climbing and backpacking layer. Considering I will be doing Racing the Planet this year I will certainly be communicating my thoughts on my experience with the brand. I chose Marmot because it advertised 3-day free shipping. What a truly disappointing experience. Wish there is a negative rating. I placed an order on 9/1/20. It didn’t crinkle like a bag of chips, and I wasn’t sweating profusely on the inside. The agent said I didn't read their shipping policy carefully. The Marmot Minimalist rain jacket strives to be exactly what the name promises: a simple, functional piece of rain wear without too many bells and whistles to bog you down. I also tried shipping the product but would need to pay $25 (I asked for free shipping and was denied) which costs more than it would to just repair myself. The next four days, I called customer service; lines always busy. I understand that regular processing times are 1-3 business days and to give 3 extra days for COVID, but it's been 7 business days with no communication. They used to be a wonderful company with great service, unfortunately when I needed help with my last purchase they do not respond to any correspondence. It shielded me from the notorious moist and grey autumns and was the ultimate outer shell to a basic polyester, baffled filled 'winter jacket.' 2 Images. Nothing! When I pointed to that, she changed her word and said it takes 1-2 business days to process and then 3 days for shipping and tried to educate me that I don't understand the policy. Get with it Marmot! Ordered an item around Black Friday at a good price from the store. I contacted Marmot who asked that I send them the fly for inspection. The shell is made of a recycled, double 1.1-ounce mini-ripstop nylon, making it light and comfortable, and one of the tougher shells in the test. 0 % 2 Rated 2 stars out of 5. Within ten minutes as my wife and I were laying in each of our separate (same exact brand/model of bag) I kept seeing feathers fly up in the air and thought WTH? 10 % 4 Rated 4 stars out of 5. This combination means you're more likely to wear this jacket, and when … The durable water repellent, aka DWR, finish on the Marmot Eclipse EvoDry, thanks to GTI’s Aquavent technology, is the most durable one out there and that makes this jacket one of the most waterproof available. Best Marmot Down Insulated Jackets Reviews - Top Customer Rated Marmot Down Insulated Jackets — 42 products / 1,894 models — Page 1 The agent's attitude was very arrogant and she blamed my lack of understanding for their tricky/sneaky shipping policy. Man, have they improved down jackets over the years! 223 Products in Marmot Men's Jackets Reviews reset Show. i had to deliver all information and it took a while for marmot to respond.three weeks ago i was informed that marmot would send me a brand new jacket in a similar (actually 30 bucks higher) price range as my old broken jacket.thank you marmot, i appreciate thati love the new jacket. I gathered all I could and am now realizing I’ll have to go through to costly and grueling experience of holding marmots hand to get a replacement (after paying to ship this one back) or just sew it up and go ahead and call it a loss as I know this bag won’t last long seeing how it already came with (separate from the unsewn opening) loose threads on stitching that’s necessary to hold the bag together. Cautiously optomistic that I may get my order by week’s end. Do not purchase from Marmot. I have done this same system with just about every other vendor and wonder how they call themselves a global business. I ordered the same Marmot jacket off of Campsaver on the 9th and it arrived today on the 15th. She stated there are shipping delays because of COVID-19 and it said that when I made my purchase. 1. Helly Hansen Rivaridge Puffy Jacket. Marmot Yorktown Featherless Jacket - Men's, Marmot Schussing Featherless Jacket - Men's, Marmot Minimalist Component Jacket - Men's, Marmot Featherless Component Jacket - Men's, Marmot Alassian Featherless Jacket - Men's, Marmot KT Component 3 in 1 Jacket - Men's. For years I could not afford Marmot gear. The pullover began to pill almost immediately and the jacket began losing feathers right away as well. They apparently use the c6 knowing that it could cause cancer and hormonal disruptments in the body, and that it definately does bio accumilate!! Like many of the angry or disappointed commenters below, I learned a valuable lesson after dumping and projecting upset over a perceived lack of access to customer service when 'I wanted it.'