While the decision was reached by a narrow (four-to-three) majority only, the ruling affirmed a (two-to-one) decision by the Queensland Court of Appeal to award damages in the amount of $105,000. See more » Civil law (common law) Civil law is a branch of the law… Cattanach v Melchior is a high court case heard in 2003 about a doctor who negligently performed a sterilisation operation, following which Mrs Melchior fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. every individual’s life has deep, real and intrinsic value of its own.1 the majority of the high court in cattanach melchior2 awarded damages of $105,249.33 to 1 A wrongful birth claim is a claim for damages pursued by parents for the costs associated with the pregnancy and birth and for the costs of raising a child born as a result of negligence. Bradfield OM(1). Cattanach v Melchior (2003) 3. The entitlement to “wrongful birth” damages has been recognised in Australia since the High Court’s 2003 decision in Cattanach v Melchior (Cattanach). J Law Med. Cattanach v Melchior contains the first opinion of Heydon J since his Honour’s appointment to the High Court. 2 See comment of Kirby J, “Law Reform and Human Rights –Scarman‟s Great Legacy” (2006) 26 Legal Studies 449 at 466 ... 3 The phrase “wrongful birth” was disapproved by McHugh and Gummow JJ in Cattanach v Melchior (2003) 215 CLR 1 at 32, Author information: (1)The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Download Citation | On Jan 1, 2003, Natasha Cica published Can't buy me love — Public Policy Implications of Cattanach v. Melchior | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate 4 Melchior & Anor v Cattanach & Anor [2000] QSC 285 at [81] where Holmes J summarises the damages awarded. 2005 Feb;12(3):305-22. 5 Melchior v Cattanach & … Dr Cattanach appealed to the High Court, and the sole issue for its consideration was whether damages for the cost of raising a child should be awarded. 1. The political context within which the recent case law is situated is the gendered construction of the family and the denial of female reproductive autonomy. It is the most conservative of the minority judgments, reminiscent of the House of Lords’ treatment of issues relating to the value to be placed on the birth of … Cattanach v Melchior' ('Cattanach') answered this question in the affirmative. Cattanach v. Melchior (2003) 215 CLR 1; (2003) 199 ALR 131; (2003) 77 ALJR 1312; [2003] HCA 38. The damages were to Healthy law makes for healthy children: Cattanach v Melchior. owenbrad@yahoo.com.au When courts are forced to consider issues surrounding birth and the sanctity of life, it is inevitable that divergence of judicial, academic and public opinion will result.